Dr. Erich's Practice Wealth Gold Coaching Insider Circle Member Enrollment, includes $697 in Bonuses.
11 Things That GUARANTEE Your Success.

If you take action on just some of the eleven things mentioned below, you’re going to
collect more money, see more patients, and work less hours if you choose too.


* Dr. Erich's Practice Wealth Newsletter. This is a newsletter than is unmatched by anyone in the profession. It’s full of good practice building tips, tricks, strategies, and ideas. And the best part, it’s mailed directly to you each and every month. This newsletter has practical information to make your practice a virtual money machine.
* Success CD of the Month. These are monthly CD’s with Dr. Erich interviewing his best members, so you learn exactly what they’re doing to collect $50K, 70K, even $100,000 a month and more. If you’re serious about beating the competition and surviving, this is a no brainer. These CD’s tell you what other successful, high collection doctors are doing in their practices.
* 12 special 'closed door' live teleseminars and telecoaching calls with open Q&A time each and every month with Dr. Erich. These are scheduled calls where Dr. Erich reveals some new updated material, or some new strategy that has one of his Diamond or Platinum members making more money, even though they’re working less hours, with less stress.
* CD of each monthly coaching calls. These CD’s are mailed directly to you, in case you missed the call. It’s suggested that you be on the calls for the Q & A sessions, but if you miss because of a scheduling issue, these CD’s are your back up. You’ll never miss another important call.
* Ultimate Response Patient Newsletters. This is a special newsletter that is mailed to you at your office every month on CD Rom. You simply take the CD, add your contact information, and then give it and mail it to your current and past patients. You’ll never have to stare at a blank computer screen again and worry about what you’re going to write your newsletter about.
* Weekly success e-mail message. Dr. Erich will be giving you special updates via e-mail several times a week. You’ll want to make sure that you read them all because it only takes ONE GOOD IDEA to make you thousands of dollars over the course of a year.
* Secret Membership Website. When you’re a member, you get instant access to  all newsletters, handouts, recordings and more on our new members-only website. That means you’re going to have full access to everything every other Gold member has access too.
* Weekly Patient Handouts. These weekly handouts that keep you connected with your patient, and them educated on what it is you do are e-mailed to you every Thursday. All you do is insert your name, print and you’ll have your handout for the week.
* Discount for Seminars and Bootcamps. As a Gold member you get special discounts on Seminars and Bootcamps. This is a big savings.
* Plus a Special FREE Surprise Gift for joining plus all the other extra bonuses that are too numerous to mention in this package.

* 5% OFF West Coast Orders & WL Club Benefits. Extra 5% Discount on any West Coast Anti Aging orders (with minimum order of $200), plus FREE Weight Loss Club Member benefits to active West Coast buyers (if you have Dr. Erich’s WL Marketing Kit)

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Gold Coaching Insider Circle Member Enrollment, includes
$697 in Bonuses
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